Disruption and digital transformation are challenges that companies must face, regardless of their industry. They quickly transform their accrued know-how into digital strategies and solutions.

As an experienced consultancy, Project Engineers & Consultants (PEC) competently supports customers with all facets of change management. Our mission statement: The future is now!

No other industry has made as much progress in digitalization as the automotive industry. Fundamental revolutions are underway at all levels – from product design and production, all the way to marketing and CRM, we help our customers with interdisciplinary know-how and assist them in developing strategies, implementing corporate-wide solutions and solving specific problems.   

With 5G and the “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT), telecommunications has a key role in the digital transformation of industry. We advise companies on the modernization of production and logistics processes. Our services range from strategy development to the choice in technology, all the way to project planning and project & process improvement.

Around the world, Mechanical and Systems Engineering bring about the highest level of quality, innovation, and highly individualized products. In the time of digitalization, we develop and implement innovative solutions with our customers, from process optimization to new production systems.   

Sustainable energy is a prominent topic of our time. For the industry, this also involves the establishment of a reliable and optimal energy mix. Currently, our main task is the utilization of microgrid technology and smart energy.


In public administration and in ministries, the digitalization is coupled with urgent issues like demographical change and a changing work environment. We support the organizational and technological measures, so that the public sector can react to the current changes.

Digitalization of the Entire Process Chain Using Component Manufacturing as an Example

Topics like Industry 4.0 and digitalization are currently finding their way into all kinds of industrial sectors. New technologies and new work practices are shaping the market and are leading to great changes.

Within the scope of a project, the PEC was commissioned to support the digitalization of the entire process chain of component manufacturing from development to the factory. The goal was to create a consistently digital process chain.

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Augmented Reality

Not long after the announcement of Google Glass, the hype of the new technology quickly fizzled out. Augmented reality glasses were a flop for the mass market, but augmented reality still remains an exciting topic – especially for industry.

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IoT – Internet of Things

Turning on the washing machine via smartphone while in the train on the way home. Adjusting the heating in the living room to a comfortable temperature so that it’s warm enough when one gets home.

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