PEC Locations


The office in Wolfsburg was founded in 2012 as a representative office. After three years in a half-timbered house in the Fallersleben pedestrian zone, we rebuilt today’s office according to our own vision and moved into the large and modern building, we are currently in.    This location serves our customers in northern Germany, including, our long-time customer Volkswagen AG and several other suppliers across various industries.    Our office is used as a place for retreat, team meetings, consultants, and provides opportunities for work as well as recreation after a demanding day of consulting.
PEC project engineers & consultants / Mozartstraße 18
38442 Wolfsburg
T +49 5362 947 11 97
F +49 5362 94 711 98


The Düsseldorf location was opened in 2008 with the founding of PEC GmbH. Our central functions are located in the Düsseldorf office. It’s here where we also tend to different customer projects such as StreetScooter, Vaillant and Telefonica.

PEC project engineers & consultants / Königsallee 14
40212 Düsseldorf
        T +49 211 138 66 381
        F +49 211 138 66 382


In 2009, the Stuttgart location was opened as part of the first PEC projects in the automobile industry. From this location, we serve our customers Daimler AG and Mercedes-AMG GmbH. Our Stuttgart location has been the headquarters of PEC GmbH since 2017.
PEC project engineers & consultants / Uhlandstraße 14
70182 Stuttgart
T +49 711 248 373 21
F +49 711 518 903 01


Our office in Friedrichshafen was opened in April 2018. The focus of this office location is for internal appointments, developing innovative ideas, and networking withfellow consultants. Out of our Friedrichshafen office, we serve our customers at Lake Constance and in the greater Ulm area – Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG and EvoBus GmbH.

PEC project engineers & consultants / Allmandstraße 22
88045 Friedrichshafen

    T +49 172 3989280

Detroit, USA

With our office in Detroit, we are introducing PEC’s successful business model to new markets and since 2017 have been offering our services and consulting network to both the US locations of our European customers and to new US customers across different industries. Southeast Michigan is an ideal location for our US headquarters, as most of our customers and the industries we serve have a strong presence there. We look forward to being a part of Detroit’s resurgence.
PEC project engineers & consultants Corp.
194 East Main Street
Northville, MI 48167 USA

T +1 (248) 238-2707


Our PEC IT LAB is located in the beautiful city of Bremen. Innovative IT systems, our own PEC knowledge management software and modern tools for our consultants are specified, developed and supported here via the PLC.

PEC project engineers & consultants / Schwachhauser Heerstraße 53 / 28211 Bremen

          T +49 (0) 421 16829510


In 2022 we opened our Munich office on Riesstraße, after we were able to win MAN SE as a new customer. In addition to on-site customer meetings, our consultants and project managers will have the opportunity to discuss work content, network with each other in personal meeting and hold workshops. The proximity to Munich´s city center offers countless opportunities to enjoy the evening after work. 

PEC project engineers & consultants / Riesstraße 16 / 80992 München
T +49 (172) 3989274