With us, you will be immersed in the PEC team and the project business right from the start - with an experienced team member at your side. an experienced team member at your side and training in specialist knowledge and soft skills. This is how we successfully start your first project with you!

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Graduates & young professionals


You are in the middle of your studies and want to gain experience in practice & projects?

You have your degree in your pocket and want to get started in consulting & in the project environment?

You would like to enrich the PEC with your expertise and already have several years of professional experience?

Applicants FAQ

How can I apply to PEC?
You are welcome to apply directly via our careers page and our job portal, where you will find all open positions. If there is no suitable position for you, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application.
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Who is my contact person for questions about the application?
If you have any questions, please contact us at any time. In general, you can reach us at the following e-mail address: bewerbung@project-engineers.de. You can find your contact person for your specific position in the job posting below. You can also contact our colleagues directly by phone.
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Who should I name as contact person in the cover letter?
In our job descriptions, we have always noted the respective contact persons. You can refer to them in your cover letter.
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What documents are needed for my application?
Please always send us your current resume and a cover letter including salary requirements and start date for your preferred position. Please also send us your relevant references and certificates.
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Where can I work for the PEC?
Currently, our locations are spread from the south of Germany to the north. We have projects in Friedrichshafen, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg, Bremen and Munich. We also have a location in Detroit in the USA.
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Does the PEC offer remote-only or hybrid positions?
We work a lot from our home office, but as a service provider we have a duty to be there for our customers. This can also include face-to-face appointments. We generally provide our employees with equipment such as a laptop and an iPhone.
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How does the PEC envision the perfect application?
Of course, your professional aptitude counts, but the main thing is that you fit into our team and into consulting. One of our founders says: "I very rarely look at grades or the selection of courses, I mostly look for types. I look for people who show you on paper that they're really into it and are passionate about the subject. Likewise, I'm happy to see a certain amount of diversity in the resume, for example with internships."
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What does it look like to start a career at the PEC?
For your career start we have the onboarding and buddy program, we pick you up from the first day and show you the PEC, so that you have a good start in our team and your project. Our onboarding ensures that you get to know all the information, access points and new colleagues so that you can start working right away. Since your first onboarding day usually cannot answer all your questions at once, we will provide you with a buddy. Your colleague will accompany you on a friendly basis during your career start at PEC and will always be available to answer any questions you may have. In addition, there will be several feedback meetings in which we will exchange information about your training progress and your impressions so far.
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What are the continuing education opportunities at PEC?
Our personnel development is handled by the PEC Academy. In our Academy, you can attend training sessions with experienced colleagues as well as external training. In this way, we offer you a combination of knowledge that we pass on internally in the team from our many years of experience, mixed with new, exciting influences and expertise from outside.
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What benefits can I benefit from as an employee at PEC?
You can take advantage of several benefits with us. For example, our employees can secure price advantages for online shopping through corporate benefits, lease a job bike, use an annual health budget for free and continue their education with our PEC Academy. In addition, PEC also offers internal events such as our summer party or our rookie meetings. At these events, our new employees meet to network with each other.
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What are the current topics in IT?
The automotive industry is changing rapidly. The classic automotive group has now evolved from a pure hardware supplier into a provider of complete mobility ecosystems. Megatrends include topics such as electromobility with many IT application fields, intelligent assistance systems, and autonomous driving. In addition, there are new challenges such as UNECE approval requirements in the area of cyber security and software update processes.
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Where can I learn more about PEC?
You can find us on LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook & Instagram. You can also listen to episode #9 with us on the podcast "Careeracademy by bonding e.V." on Spotify, Deezer & co.
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