Consistent Validation Process in Product and System Development

The development of complex products and systems imposes high demands on OEMs. An important success factor for timely and efficient project execution is stringent validation and execution planning.


Building on the V model, PEC optimizes the customer-specific processes to become a consistent and integrated validation process:


  • Reference V model with the levels components, system, product (e.g. complete vehicle)
  • DVP&R methodology as a backbone of validation and execution planning including sequence logic for the minimization of development loops
  • Merger of mechanical and EE validation in consideration of the requirements of ISO 26262 for functional security
  • Transparent application plan for the efficient use of resources
  • Dedicated approval of product variations/applications depending on the associated validation requirements and results
  • Risk management in the event of deviations and the process control of measures for post-validation
  • Integrated knowledge management for the recirculation of “lessons learned” from projects and field application in generic master DVPs to prevent the repetition of development errors
  • Continuous, transparent project status and KPIs based on the measured values and validation progress
  • Consistent tool support with interfaces for resource planning, as well as QA and documentation systems