Corporate-Wide Harmonization of Developmental Standards

The on-board power supply is the nerve and circulation system of every modern automobile. It is one of the most difficult, complex, and expensive components in the entire vehicle. Its development must satisfy a great deal of requirements.


The adaption of an electrical system based on customer-specific requirements is especially demanding in development control, prototype construction and manufacturing.  


In the phases of product development, this requires a large amount of process standards, work instructions, and the applicable standards to be considered.


As part of a cross-brand harmonization project, PEC was commissioned to harmonize these standards and document them in a unified form in modern systems. PEC then also assumed responsibility for training the relevant developmental divisions on the standards.


The essential phases of the project were:


  • Coordination of the superordinate standards and conditions
  • Inclusion of the existing process descriptions for all brands
  • Performance of a fit-gap analysis for the brands based on a generated corporate master process
  • Structure of the scope of adaptation for the brands in the individual divisions (assumption of the group standard, brand-specific adaptation of a reference process, singular brand solution for a sub-process)
  • Coordination of the rollout plan
  • Control of the rollout plan and reporting, or the successful brand integration


For a permanent implementation of the standards, corporate steering committees were established at the level of the relevant process owners. All adjustments and current stipulations were documented in a modern knowledge management system.