Cross-Divisional Development of Production Standards

The ever-increasing volatility of the markets and the necessity of increasing flexibility pose a great challenge to the automotive industry.


To respond to this problem, new production strategies, new production concepts and new production standards – in line with Industry 4.0, etc. – have to be developed.


Within the scope of a cross-divisional project, PEC was commissioned with the derivation of a reference model for the factory of the future that contains standardized processes and standardized production concepts, as well as to provide both methodological and substantive support.


Essential project phases were:


  • Structuring of suitably agile project organization (use of agile PM methods)
  • Performance of ACTUAL analyses
  • Substantive processing of TARGET processes and standards for production systems with technical experts
  • Documentation of relevant results in a suitable knowledge management system
  • Support with the rollout through specific training concepts