DevOps Consulting with Mobile Online Solutions

Competitive advantages in the automotive industry are increasingly shifting away from hardware to software-driven functions and mobile services.


Within the scope of a strategic roadmap of an automotive company, a complete ecosystem surrounding networking mobility is being developed. PEC is providing its support in this area as part of numerous projects. In order to meet the time2market pressure for networked product and service development, PEC is making use of modern, agile development methods and validated processes from the corporate culture of a startup.


The objective of agile development and an integrated DevOps concept is the quick availability of services through the development of minimum viable products (MVPs). This way, service experience can be gained in pilot projects.


Within this developmental dynamic, system quality is just as pivotal for success at the end customer as highly professional support.


Against this backdrop, PEC was commissioned to use its existing experience in operative support and the operation of complex products in order to provide advice on developmental projects.


This consultation follows a standardized phase model:



Phase 1 Project Start – MVP: Consultation of POs (Product Owners) in the topics of operational and support-compliant product development


Phase 2 MVP – Quick and operational implementation of a professional support structure before the client (24×7 availability) by PEC consultant


Phase 3 MVP – SOO: Integration and implementation support of all requirements from the area of support and operations in the agile teams (Ops is the focus). Specification and development of processes, systems and tools for an increase in product quality before the client


Phase 4 SOO – EOP: Establishment and operative support of a central support unit with the objectives:


  • Steering of the 2nd – 3rd level division in operations
  • Application and expansion of all systems in the area of monitoring & alarming
  • Responsibility for problem management
  • Reporting with regard to: Availability, speed, and functionality of the services


With the present approach, not only could the perceived product quality be permanently increased before the client – the overarching approach also ensured the reutilization of existing operations and support solutions beyond the products and thereby minimized costs and effort in the internal divisions.