Future Transportation @VANS

As a result of the accelerating digitalization and the increasing urbanization of our society, new concepts for the transportation of people and goods are necessary.


This transformation is especially evident in the automotive industry. Along with the provision of a vehicle, manufacturers are also expected to provide comprehensive solutions for the efficient use of commercial vehicles. The solutions are developed together with customers and are therefore tailored to the needs of customers.  


To be able to work agilely and innovatively, methods such as “lean startup” are taken up and thus allow for an efficient working environment. The classic matrix organization is replaced by swarm cells; this orientation is geared towards the product and customers. This results in a versatile environment that, most of all, encourages creativity.


PEC supports customers with the operative portion of the business segment. In this phase, solutions are generated that implement the installation of innovative concepts in test vehicles.


The installation and assembly of the vehicles is ensured via integration into serial production or by assembly service providers, as well as the development and testing of new technologies and visionary orientations.  


Important factors arethe setting of process standards and the elaboration of work instructions. Along with the guarantee of consistent quality, the unification also serves as instructions for future installation in serial vehicles.