Optimization of Digital Work Processes

Every year, increasing amounts of data are being generated in all divisions of a company. The complexity and dynamics of the data are especially high in R&D and purchasing departments.


Often, IT systems evolve over time and create various challenges. Their increased complexity can make them difficult to maintain, slow down the performance, and decrease their user-friendliness. These complex system architectures require frequent system adjustments, as well as continuous improvement.


Systems are often not integrated within the process chain leading to inefficiencies. The dynamic requirements of agile projects often fail to be met by legacy IT infrastructures.


For this reason, project teams create temporary solutions tieing capacities that could potentially be freed up by automating process steps.


We help clients to optimize regularly recurring process steps. We develop agile solutions that integrate into the existing system landscape and improve our clients‘ business processes.


PEC has created solutions that include:


  • Harmonization of “workplace” solutions in the MS Office environment for the creation of a uniform standard
  • Linking of MS Office programs for a flawless transfer of information
  • Automatization of recurring standard processes
  • Creation of management dashboards for automated reporting
  • Big data analyses and integration of business analytics solutions
  • Development of knowledge management systems 


Based on our comprehensive experience from a large number of projects ranging from MS Office to web-tools, we can build solutions that are widely accepted by employees and that increase productivity permanently.


Together with our clients (that’s our motto by the way), we have developed an effective digital work process. We utilize both traditional project management tools and agile methods.