Preliminary Planning and Extension of Product Projects

The budget for the execution of new projects is sought mostly during periods of economic growth, and the list of potential projects that contend for the budget is long.


To assert oneself against the competition, a technical concept alone or the obvious improvements that correlate with it do not suffice.


The meticulous and well-thought-out preliminary planning of a project is the elementary building block for successful execution later on.


PEC’s experienced project managers will help you transform your technical concepts and project ideas into a detailed project description, cross-functionally coordinate the overall concept, and finalize your budget proposal in advance to maximize your chances of approval.


The main tasks carried out by PEC are:


  • Gathering of the reasons for the execution of the project and identification and coordination of superordinate strategies and projects
  • Stakeholder analysis including illumination of your individual agenda and obstructed targets for the project
  • Identification of customer requirements and evaluation of the influence of the product on the downstream products and processes of the customer
  • Coordination of the technical concepts and preparation of the benefits and disadvantages, as well as influencing factors
  • Evaluation and assurance of concept quality and degree of maturity for new innovative projects, as well as the description of necessary preliminary projects as needed
  • Identification, formulation, and documentation of technical and project risks, as well as the determination of countermeasures and responsibilities
  • Appointment of the project team
  • Planning, organization, and execution of workshops, as well as prior coordination with relevant stakeholders, post-processing of the results and follow-up to work assignments
  • Target definition and analysis of target correlations
  • Preparation, compilation, and evaluation of scenarios, as well as the necessary budgets including a sensitivity analysis
  • Target cost planning in consideration of current price structures, reference calculations, as well as commercial opportunities and risks
  • Coordination of the generation of the business case including a sensitivity analysis
  • Identification and determination of communication channels, report committees, information cascades, and meeting structures
  • Creation of the project SharePoint with integrated meeting and task management, as well as risk management and document storage
  • Coordination of the project timeline with stakeholders and affected institutions and parallel projects
  • Summary of the findings in the project handbook, as well as committee preparation for approval
  • Generation of a professional presentation for the maximization of your application’s chances of success