Process Support in Project Management of Power Unit Development

The increasing complexity of power units and technology in the powertrain of an automobile, new laws, changing market requirements, and rising variations and brand diversity require the use of corporate knowledge at all levels.


To guarantee robust and efficient component development, a corporate-wide knowledge transfer process was created.


The project objectives were:


  • Knowledge documentation and the avoidance of reoccurring errors in development
  • Improvement of power unit quality
  • Standardization of development process tasks
  • Efficiency enhancement


The tasks were:


  • Process support in the knowledge and requirement management of power unit development
  • Session management of
    • Specialist groups: Exchange of knowledge and networking between development experts
    • Editorial staff: Editorial committee to work on compulsory development specifications, performance specifications and checklists
  • Administration and maintenance of tools and platforms (database, requirement management software, documentation system)
  • Maintenance and generation of internal and external documents (development standards, specifications)
  • Process visualizations