Cost Reduction Programs in Systems Engineering

In the commercial vehicle sector, the sales markets impose very high quality and performance requirements on engines. Furthermore, additional challenges exist as a result of the statutory emissions limits.


Especially in countries with high wages, more and more series products continue to miss their mark in terms of their manufacturing cost objectives.

In order to be able to successful perform on the market regardless, the manufacturing costs that are too high must be reduced in the series phase for the long-run. In this context, PEC was commissioned to determine and tap into the cost reduction potential for critical engines:


  • Extension of a technical cost reduction program
  • Project objective distribution to the divisions involved
  • Project office and cross-divisional coordination
  • Creation of decision templates and detailed schedule
  • Coordination of the implementation of the concluded measures
  • Training and qualification of internal employees
  • Active generation of cost reduction ideas


Through the consistent implementation of the identified measures, the manufacturing costs were already reduced by tens of millions of euros during the first few years, thereby further increasing competitiveness.