Prototype Management in Product Development

In the product development process, technical product development is an important component along with production planning and production. The development of a complex product requires the associated testing for the appropriate maturity level validation of prototype phases. From the first prototype concept to series maturity, the detailed planning of resources and hardware is required in addition to the prototype phases.


The necessary methods and tools are continuously improved by PEC and exchanged within PEC’s network of consultants in a structured manner.


With our many years of experience with customer projects in prototype management, we support you in optimizing your processes.

Under the following viewpoints, a tightly interwoven procedure was assured:


  • Strategic management (“Pooling”) of prototype hardware for the generation of synergy effects and thereby cost-saving effects
  • Agile prototype management, efficient parts provision – just in time and on demand. This ensures that the most current design state is incorporated in the particular testing and the costs are kept low through optimized warehousing.
  • Prototype management that accompanies testing – assurance of a continuous operation of the current testing with the help of a replacement part management system and thus a guarantee of optimal test-station utilization