Purchasing Coordination in a Series Change Project

In no other corporate division is cross-functional coordination more intensive and relevant than in Purchasing and Procurement. Along with everyday activities like inquiries for new component parts, the improvement of the scope of procurement through the introduction and implementation of the appropriate strategies, as well as the coordination and contract and price negotiations with suppliers, series changes are an essential driver in one’s workday.


In projects that intensify the demand for a series change, the degree of exertion significantly increases in procurement.


In our project, we were able to introduce a central interface that coordinates these changes across three sites in two countries. It can thus be ensured that the changes are incorporated into the production process within the set timeline through the introduction and positioning of a central contact partner in connection with an optimization in the communication and information structure.


The organization was not tied down capacitively through the necessary coordination and reporting, but could concentrate on the core tasks.