Requirement Management EPA Tier 4

For the development of combustion engines, adherence to the emission limit values are of vital importance. There are different certifications that need to be adhered to based on the respective standards, such as from the IMO or EPA range. The demand for completeness and accuracy is important for the developed engines’ later market success.


Without a doubt, development companies possess comprehensive documentation, supporting documents, and other “isolated applications”. However, maintaining a complete picture usually is not possible. Within the scope of requirement engineering, all of these are merged together, the gaps in between are identified, and a complete picture of the requirements is generated.


In this particular case, the requirements necessary for the fulfillment of the conditions specified for the standard EPA Tier 4 are documented and amalgamated into a presentable document that can be used company-wide. Furthermore, these requirements are linked with the objective evidence already put into practice within the company. This allows a comprehensive document to be presented to the EPA that states that all requirements of the emissions standard were observed and indicates through which measures this is achieved during development.


In principle, this procedure can be applied to all emissions legislation and generally to other standards that need to be observed. Here, a document is created in relation to these questions that can serve company-wide as a decisive milestone in development.