The schedule is the centerpiece of every project. It puts the project manager in the position to control the project via the set milestones.


Tasks and deadlines from the overall schedule are distributed amongst employees who are responsible for their adherence.


At the beginning of every project, the schedule is developed within a series of scheduling workshops. The basis for the project schedule forms the framework of the particular development division.


PEC was commissioned with the scheduling for different development projects. Scheduling meetings were carried out with all groups involved and all the relevant project milestones were set.


To be able to point out and assess the impacts of delays, risks, and scheduling bottlenecks in the entire project, the overall schedule was documented in EDP systems with all linkages to the respective sub-projects – especially via the critical path.   


As part of the project control, the project progress was examined through regular reporting, and measures were introduced in the event of a problem and their processing logged. Only with this approach can project results be ensured that are in line with the schedule and expected quality.