Strategic Planning of the Production Portfolio / Value Stream Including Operative Implementation

The decision of which products or components of technical systems are to be produced in-house in the future is a strategic question being asked more and more frequently within a company.


Both the concentration on the manufacturing of focal products and the planning of potential external allocation as well as the subsequent implementation are an essential component of strategic planning.


PEC was commissioned to take over project management and provide project management support during the strategy phase for the analysis of the product portfolio in a corporate division.


The main tasks included:


  • The design and evaluation of the medium and long-term corporate strategy for different products with regard to profitability and future viability
  • Development of scenarios and decision recommendations with regard to the introduction of or withdrawal from products
  • Coordination at the management level with production, planning, HR, and the works council
  • Strategic planning of the production portfolio with regard to production areas, capacities, production technology – also under consideration of new challenges from the area of e-mobility
  • Securing production capacities via external suppliers
  • Central interface for the operative implementation of external allocations and coordination with production, development, suppliers, purchasing, logistics, quality, controlling, layout planning, etc.
  • Documentation (knowledge management), analysis and improvement of allocation process