Supply Chain Management / Global Order Management

Global Order Management is a sub-division of Supply Chain Management, which is responsible for worldwide logistics for drive train components. The central task of this division is to ensure the correct part provision of all domestic and international production plants including external overseas customers.


The progressing globalization continues to lead to more complex supply chains, demanding supply times, and flexible customer service.


In the automotive industry, as an example, vehicle plants exist across multiple continents, whereby the drive train is produced at one location for all of these plants. The different and, in some cases, fluctuating quantities therefore have to already be regimented and organized before production.

This task is handled by Global Order Management by controlling and validating the plausibility of the incoming call orders (demand calculation) of all national and international powertrain customers. The division’s detailed fields of work are as follows:


  • Validation of call orders (reconciliation and controlling of short and medium-term changes in demand)
  • Coordination of supply bottlenecks in coordination with the customer, production, disposition, and shipping
  • Coordination and implementation of new components and customers
  • Master data maintenance
  • Evaluation and implementation of alternative supply concepts to avoid supply bottlenecks, production down time, and air freight costs


Global-Order Management takes on the function of a central contact partner for all international customers’ plants and thereby guarantees the security of their supply.