Change Management for the Introduction of an IT Tool

The digitalization of the professional world is affecting each and every company. New technologies allow for enormous saving potential, especially within the context of systems engineering.


The digitalization calls for the development of comprehensive IT solutions. The training of employees is a key factor for the successful application of an operational IT system.


Within the scope of a corporate-wide introduction with a five-digit number of users, PEC was commissioned to support the change management process. In three phases, the employees were trained as part of the rollout and prepared for the new work procedures.



  • The diagnosis – Where do the company and the project stand


  • The planning of the change – What is to take place, as well as when and how


  • The implementation – Effective implementation and anchoring of the planned approach


  • In close collaboration with the customer, all three phases were intensively supported and the internal communication maintained as a campaign with different components:


  • Development of the change story – Why is this tool required and what is the specific benefit to the individual employee


  • Communication – Advertising campaign for the project from top management to the end user


  • Dialog – Direct dialog with those affected via road shows in which the solution was presented


  • Intranet presence – Design of the intranet presence surrounding the development and introduction of the IT tool as a permanent foundation for, among other things, the provision of information on the rollout as well as learning material


  • Competence development – In cooperation with training partners, the individualized preparation of the users was organized through training sessions


Through measures that were individually matched with one another, it was possible to win over the “restraining forces” and to convert them into “driving forces”.