Workshop Management @ StS

In the automotive industry, vehicles are passed on to the customers’ operative stage after the long product development phase.


To ensure customers’ expectations of the product are met, the operational processes in after sales are of crucial importance. This requires a reliable spare parts supply and a functioning workshop network.     


PEC was commissioned by an electric vehicle manufacturer to conceive an end-to-end workshop management system – starting with the reporting of damage by the customer all the way to the invoicing of the repair procedure by the workshop – and to implement a suitable IT solution.  


First, all relevant processes were taken in, analyzed, and examined for any vulnerabilities and optimization potential in relation to quality, error susceptibility, and cycle time.


Subsequently, the respective TARGET processes were modeled and assigned KPIs. The IT support for the new procedures was specified in parallel to a pilot application of the processes. All lessons learned were continuously incorporated into the specifications in line with agile development.


In this way, a thorough workshop management process with the associated EDP support was developed.