Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers are currently facing its greatest change in history. Effective change management is pivotal to success in all divisions. PEC is specialized in the cross-divisional implementation of new strategies, structures, systems, and processes.

The automotive industry currently finds itself in the middle of a profound revolution. New technologies, organizational forms, and product development processes are revolutionizing the market and industry.


We predict the future using the current trends: Interdisciplinary teams develop electrified drives, mobile online services, and cloud technologies into marketable commodities. They act extremely agilely. Traditional divides, such as between development and operations, disappear through new DevOps approaches.


The improvement of products and services is planned in sprints and implemented at high frequency. Rigid line organizations give way to dynamic project organizations that develop products and services with a minimal hierarchy and take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of a product.


This transition doesn’t only lead to organizationally and technologically demanding challenges. Its dynamics, the several new degrees of freedom, and the constant changes overload many employees.


Often, however, it is exactly these employees who can significantly contribute to the success of an innovation. The consultants at PEC understand this. Thanks to their experience and empathy, they are capable of actively supporting all of the customer’s employees. Our comprehensive approach considers the coordination of processes, technologies, and employees. This is the only way a transition can be designed successfully.  

The intelligent networking of an automobile with its surroundings, with other vehicles, and with the backend systems of the automobile manufacturer will be an essential component for future innovations of mobility. The vehicle will become a component of a complex system. It will need to be capable of recognizing every essential system change on its own and taking any necessary actions immediately.


Furthermore, at any time the vehicle will receive all relevant information and updates online. Today, many vehicle functions like locking, unlocking, charging, or navigating are already available via remote and app control. Mandatory requirements for this are continuous connectivity, high rates of data transmission, and constant updates, as well as the inter-compatibility of all data.  


PEC supports automobile manufacturers, software developers and telecommunications companies in competing in this market.


We can act as project managers in development projects and requirements engineers in accordance with the IREB standard at the process interfaces. In addition, we provide support utilizing many of the available mobile online services.

There are several topics that are driving the passenger car market, including Industry 4.0, electromobility, autonomous driving, and new mobility concepts.


There is hardly any industry more affected by Industry 4.0 than the automotive industry. Many traditional car manufacturing companies are now following the trend of developing E-mobility solutions. E-mobility and increased networking involve new platforms and thus new processes.  


We support manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in taking advantage of new markets, and opportunities. Our goal is for our customers to remain successfull in the current market and in the years to come.


Together with our customers, we maintain, plan and control the manufacturing of series products and new ones. We also provide support with changes throughout the entire company, from series production processes to aftersales management. We proceed in an analytically and logically formal manner. It also helps us to understand processes across different activities.


Our customers benefit from our many years of experience in the automotive industry, as do our employees. Together we bring every project to a successful conclusion!

In the wake of electromobility and digitalization we’ve observed increased demands imposed on the manufacturers of commercial vehicles. It isn’t only the conditions resulting from the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the emissions regulations that need to be adhered to; manufacturers are also defending their international competitiveness through permanent innovations in drive technology and the development of new assistance systems.


Through the intelligent networking of the vehicles with their surroundings, new telematics systems also belong to the value chain of Industry 4.0. This enables logistics processes to be improved through optimized route planning. Increased competition and growing cost pressure can delay such development projects; however, there are opportunities to master such obstacles with systematic process optimization.  


We provide our customers with highly qualified professionals. Numerous internal training sessions ensure the high qualifications of PEC consultants. Our know-how extends from mechanical and electrical system development to the implementation of software solutions and is based on more than 10 years of diverse project experience in the automotive industry.

The digital transformation is also opening up new opportunities for marketing and sales. Many touchpoints between automobile manufacturers and customers have become digital. Regardless, providers are still not fully utilizing the potential that digital media and services offer them in their marketing endeavors.  


We support automobile manufacturers and suppliers with the improvements in this area. We analyze and optimize the sales processes and structures in order to optimally adapt them to the changing market requirements.  


PEC consultants possess technical and economic know-how that they gain through different project assignments in the automotive sector and enhance through internal training. We also can also develop IT applications for marketing & sales.


We place great value on solving our tasks efficiently, cleverly, and with high precision. With this focus, we have been able to successfully reach the desired level of success with every one of our projects.  

Groundbreaking revolutions such as autonomous driving, electrification, and connectivity are affecting many areas of production and market development. This structural change is affecting manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers.   


The supplier industry especially has a good reason to react to structural changes in a timely manner. Even though, at more than 70 percent, it has the largest share of automobile value creation, we are seeing various new opportunities for suppliers thanks to technological trends and the emergence of completely new business models for automobile usage.    


We constantly observe the current markets to recognize potential early on – be it for the optimization of processes or the development of vehicle components. Through their likeable, discrete, and professional manner our consultants are a supportive team partner with the customer’s employees. Whether in person or in our back office – we always find a tailormade project solution together with our customers.