A sustainable energy supply is a prominent topic of our time. For the industry, this also involves the establishment of a reliable and optimal energy mix. Currently, our main task is the utilization of microgrid technology and smart energy.  

The energy mix consists of different primary forms of energy such as wind, solar, and water to make up a bundled energy supply. This also applies to so-called microgrids, which are locally confined power grids fed from a single or a few power plants in order to supply limited geographical areas. A microgrid is not connected to other power grids.   


Many old microgrids still work with diesel generators. This technology continues to be superseded by renewable energies. In modern microgrids, a combination of solar modules, wind turbines, biogas plants, and energy storage systems is used. These sources of energy operate at low emissions and save owners the procurement of fuel.   


Within the scope of smart energy projects, we assist with the implementation of intelligent technologies from the areas of energy conversion (“energy production”), energy storage, energy transmission, and consumption control. The increasingly decentralized energy supply with local energy converters like wind, solar, water, and biogas power plants is a significant factor.