Engineering & Construction

Around the world, Mechanical and Systems Engineering bring about the highest level of quality, innovation, and highly individualized products. In the time of digitalization, we develop and implement innovative solutions with our customers, from process optimization to new production systems.   

In times of radical change, decision-makers find themselves in highly complex situations. Despite this complexity, it’s important to maintain an overview of the factors that are crucial to success. PEC also supports customers in complex situations by optimizing product portfolios and increasing efficiency. PEC supports industry leaders in further expanding their operative excellence.  


Big data and analysis, artificial intelligence, IIoT, and design thinking are the major buzzwords of digital engineering. Networked production machines manufacture networked products. Big data is one of the most important instruments for product security and transparency. This also brings about questions, such as “Who is allowed to collect data and how?” and “What are the security standards?”


PEC supports customers in the development of innovative technologies, as well as in the planning and construction of the most modern production systems. Here is an overview of our most important approaches and technologies:


Design Thinking

An integrated, interdisciplinary practice for efficient sustainable and customer-oriented product and service development. It contains different approaches and processes for design, management, and process engineering.


Lean Process Design

Systematic approach for the rationalization of processes, the avoidance of redundancies, and the promotion of a culture of continuous improvement.


Big Data Analytics

Collection and systematic evaluation of large amounts of data. The analysis of various customer data, for example, allows for valuable information on customer behavior and needs.   


RPA – AI-Supported Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates business processes with software for robots and bots (algorithms). In customer support, social bots are already taking over a portion of the communication, relieving employees of time-consuming, monotonous tasks, and increasing process efficiency with substantial cost savings.


Process Outsourcing

Language recognition, AI, analytics for new services and social bots used in the back office and in Customer Relation Management (CRM). New providers offer services that make the development of an isolated solution unnecessary. Business process outsourcing, however, requires thorough market research and technological analysis of the processes.


Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT

The IIoT is the networked control of smart machines to extensively automated production, procurement, and logistics processes through advanced analytics. The IIoT goes beyond the mere networking of devices to the Internet of Things (IoT).  


The IIoT increases efficiency and productivity through the combination of real-time machine-to-machine communication with industrial big data analytics.


PEC analyzes and assesses optimization potential through IIoT. We evaluate existing technological platforms and the potential benefits of a self-made solution. We provide assistance in all aspects of these complex projects. The IIoT is a sophisticated component of the digital transformation – with great impacts on production organization, employees, and partners.