Public Sector

In public administration and in ministries, the digitalization is coupled with urgent issues like demographical change and shifting career paths. We support the organizational and technological measures with which the public sector requires to react to current changes.

The potential to design administrative procedures to be more efficient, faster, and cheaper through new digital technologies is growing. However, this potential is often not taken advantage of.


Administration departments must work in an economically efficient manner. Well-functioning citizen services are seen as the standard and expected by society. Companies desire high-quality and quick services from the state and municipalities. Urgent topics for public government offices are also the expansion and modernization of the infrastructure in the areas of energy, traffic, and education.  


We offer extensive consultancy services in change and project management as well as in process and performance improvement. PEC analyzes administrative processes and their organizational structures. Our consultants don’t only design sustainable strategies for organizational structure and process management, but they also assist with the development of new applications and systems. We coordinate the processes and monitor the functionality for an optimal administrative structure.


Our employees prove their interdisciplinary and project-specific knowledge in successful large-scale projects. They act with agility, loyalty, and commitment. With their experience, they can reduce risks that could arise from modernization projects. Within the scope of the projects, the experts on organizational, process and project management work together closely with software architects, developers, and experts in data analysis and artificial intelligence.