Digital & IT Solutions

For more than 10 years, PEC GmbH has developed IT systems, established these systems within companies, and assumed responsibility for advancement and operations. Our IT developers are completely integrated in the PEC consulting network with the modern PEC IT:LAB in Bremen, which represents an essential success factor for PEC.      

From carrying out the in-person requirements analysis at the customer’s site to the specification of the IT solution, our IT architects and IT developers are an integral component of our project team.    


The PEC IT:Labs technology stack in Bremen offers all programming languages, platforms, and databases, as well as complete code and audit security through security frameworks, and processes for the management and safeguarding of code, documentation, and data. It was our high standards for data protection, the necessary proximity to customers, and the securing of our IT know-how that led to the decision to completely expand PEC IT internally and exclusively in Bremen.    


Along with the development of IT systems, PEC is a long-time partner of the industry in terms of structuring, controlling, and operating complex IT operations and supporting organizations. PEC advises product teams on the selection of suitable methods and tools for the monitoring of systems, on the development of suitable support structures, on the implementation of the necessary processes (ITIL, DevOps), all with regard to reporting/controlling during the serial phase.


In comprehensive cost reduction programs, our consultants analyze the existing operations and support structures and identify savings potential in consideration of all KPIs in operations and support. PEC teams also temporarily assume operations & support responsibility for complex IT products during phases characterized by quality problems, and are responsible for the stabilization of these products with strategic consultation approaches and operational functions.  


Thanks to our experience in development and in the operation of complex IT systems, PEC now offers its customers complete DevOps teams that are responsible for contracted work or a subsection of contracted work, such as the IT architecture or the processing of customer complaints during series production.  


Our many years of experience and excellently trained PEC consultants are the basis for the cooperative partnership with a great number of IT divisions from various industries and customers.